Habitual.AI by 3LOQ automates the process of building habits, enabling banks to create habitual users across digital and mobile platforms.

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3LOQ is a pioneer with Habitual.AI, a platform designed to revolutionize the banking sector by automating the habit-building process. Their innovative solution empowers banks to nurture habitual users across their digital and mobile interfaces, ensuring consistent engagement and enhanced user loyalty. 

The Challenge

3LOQ, with its cutting-edge Habitual.AI, needed a digital presence that mirrored its modern approach to banking user engagement. The challenge was to design a website that effectively communicated their unique offering, provided an exceptional user experience, and allowed the marketing team to manage dynamic content efficiently

Our Solution 

Drawing on our Webflow expertise and understanding 3LOQ's industry-specific needs, Pixer formulated a holistic strategy:  

  1. Web Design and Development in Webflow: We crafted a website that encapsulated 3LOQ's innovative stance, ensuring it was visually appealing and user centric.  

  2. Design System Creation: We implemented a robust design system to guarantee brand coherence and facilitate future scalability. This approach allowed 3LOQ to expand their digital presence while maintaining design consistency.  

  3. CMS Integration: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of 3LOQ's content, we integrated an efficient CMS. This gave their marketing team the tools to effortlessly curate and manage content, keeping their audience informed and engaged.  

  4. SEO Optimization: To enhance 3LOQ's digital visibility and ensure they reach their target audience, we devised and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy, doubling their organic traffic.


Our collaboration with 3LOQ manifested in significant achievements:  

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The newly designed website's intuitive navigation and clear communication of Habitual.AI led to increased user engagement.  

  • Streamlined Content Management: The CMS system proved invaluable, allowing 3LOQ's marketing team to manage their dynamic content seamlessly.  

  • Organic Traffic Boost: Our SEO endeavors nearly doubled 3LOQ's organic traffic, cementing their digital footprint in the fintech landscape.  

Feedback from 3LOQ highlighted the transformative nature of their new website, emphasizing Pixer's role in aligning their digital presence with their innovative offerings.

Lessons Learned

The 3LOQ project accentuated the importance of aligning design with a brand's core offerings. In the fintech space, clarity, trust, and user engagement are paramount, and the digital platform must reinforce these principles.  


3LOQ's metamorphosis into a digital leader in habit-driven banking solutions, complemented by a resonating website, underscores Pixer's commitment to tailoring solutions that amplify a brand's unique strengths.

Does 3LOQ's transformation inspire you? At Pixer, we believe in crafting digital solutions that resonate with your brand's essence. Ready to redefine your digital narrative? contact us

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