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Builder.ai help to build the next gen software development platform for every company & idea on the planet.

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Builder.ai has established itself as a pioneer, crafting a niche between low-code and custom software. Their unique offering allows clients to benefit from flexible, tailored apps with the rapidity and cost-effectiveness of ready-made solutions. 

The Challenge 

Despite their innovative approach to software, Builder.ai's website reflected a different level of sophistication. They needed a design system to scale their evolving needs and ensure brand consistency. Additionally, they required a robust SEO strategy to enhance their organic reach and visibility. 

Our Solution 

Pixer put its expertise in intuitive and conversion-focused design to the test. Our approach comprised of the following: 

  1. Web Design and Development in Webflow: We crafted a bespoke design, ensuring every element aligned with Builder.ai's brand vision and goals. 

  2. Design System Creation: Recognizing the need for scalability and uniformity, we developed a comprehensive design system. This allowed Builder.ai to expand its web presence without compromising on design integrity. 

  3. SEO Optimization: Beyond the design, we implemented a robust SEO strategy, ensuring that Builder.ai's unique offerings were visible to a broader audience. 

To illustrate our process, we utilized wireframes, mockups, and A/B testing results, ensuring that data and user feedback backed every design decision. 


The transformation was palpable: 

  • Conversion Boost: With our revamped design and user experience tweaks, Builder.ai witnessed a staggering 3x increase in conversion rates. 

  • Organic Traffic Surge: Our SEO efforts bore fruit, nearly doubling their organic traffic. 

The client's feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with Builder.ai's team praising Pixer's commitment, expertise, and tangible results. 

Lessons Learned 

Every project is a learning experience. With Builder.ai, we further honed our skills in creating scalable design systems. We also realized the importance of integrating SEO from the design phase, ensuring every element contributes to overall visibility. 


Builder.ai's success story is a testament to the power of intuitive design combined with strategic SEO. Their website is a worthy digital ambassador as they continue redefining the software landscape.

Does Builder.ai's transformation inspire you? At Pixer, we don't just design websites; we craft experiences. Let's turn your vision into a digital reality. contact us

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