Pushowl is #1 Push Notification App for Boosting Sales on Shopify, trusted by 25,000+ merchants globally.

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Pushowl has established itself as the premier push notification application for Shopify merchants, boasting trust from over 25,000 global merchants. They aim to empower e-commerce businesses with effective push notifications, ensuring increased sales and enhanced user engagement.

The Challenge

Pushowl, despite its significant reputation in the Shopify ecosystem, needed a digital platform that effectively showcased its capabilities and resonated with its vast merchant base. They sought a website that was not only visually appealing but also provided a seamless experience for users and an efficient content management system for their marketing team.  

Our Solution

Understanding Pushowl's unique needs and their position in the e-commerce landscape, Pixer crafted a tailored strategy:  

  1. Web Design and Development in Webflow: We designed and brought to life a website that showcased Pushowl's prowess in push notifications and provided a user-centric experience

  2. Design System Creation: We implemented a robust design system to ensure brand consistency and future scalability. This approach enabled Pushowl to evolve their digital presence while preserving design coherence.  

  3. CMS Integration: Catering to the dynamic nature of Pushowl's content, we integrated a seamless CMS. This allowed their marketing team to manage and update content effortlessly, ensuring their user base stayed informed and engaged.  

  4. SEO Optimization: Recognizing the competitive nature of the e-commerce solutions market, we crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy, ensuring that Pushowl's unique offerings stood out, effectively doubling their organic traffic.  


Our collaboration with Pushowl yielded remarkable outcomes:  

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The revamped website's intuitive design and user experience led to increased merchant engagement.  

  • Efficient Content Management: With the CMS system, Pushowl's marketing team could easily curate and manage content, keeping their merchant base updated with the latest offerings and insights.  

  • Significant Traffic Boost: Our SEO efforts bore fruit, with Pushowl witnessing nearly doubling their organic traffic, amplifying their digital presence.  

Pushowl's feedback underscored the transformative impact of the new website, praising Pixer's role in enhancing their digital journey.  

Lessons Learned

The Pushowl project emphasized the interplay between design, content management, and SEO. In a competitive market, blending aesthetics with functionality and visibility is crucial.  


Pixer's commitment to creating impactful digital solutions is evident in PushOwl's emergence as a leading force in the Shopify ecosystem, supported by a website that resonates and delivers. 

Does Pushowl's transformation inspire you? At Pixer, we don't just design websites; we craft digital journeys. Ready to embark on yours? contact us

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