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Carbon Health is a modern health clinic that provides urgent and primary care for easier everyday health

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Carbon Health is redefining the healthcare landscape, providing urgent and primary care solutions with a modern twist. Their mission is to simplify everyday health experiences, making primary care more accessible and efficient for patients.  

The Challenge

In an industry where trust and accessibility are paramount, Carbon Health lacked a digital platform that genuinely encapsulated their modern approach to healthcare. They needed a website that would effectively communicate their services and ensure smooth user experiences, especially with essential modules like lead generation systems and help centers.  

Our Solution

Drawing on our expertise in Webflow and understanding the nuances of the healthcare industry, Pixer devised a comprehensive approach:  

  1. Web Design and Development in Webflow: We designed and developed a website for Carbon Health, ensuring it reflected their modern healthcare approach while providing a seamless user experience.  

  2. Design System Creation: We implemented a robust design system to ensure brand consistency and scalability. This allowed Carbon Health to expand their digital presence while maintaining design integrity.  

  3. Lead Generation and Help Center Modules: Recognizing the importance of patient engagement and support, we crafted modules specifically for lead generation and a help center. We backed these modules with a custom CMS, ensuring real-time updates and management.  

  4. Ongoing Support: Given the expansive nature of Carbon Health's offerings, we provided ongoing services, ensuring smooth management of large-scale marketing projects and modules.


The collaboration with Carbon Health yielded tangible results:  

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The modern design and intuitive user experience led to increased user engagement and trust in Carbon Health's services.  

  • Streamlined Operations: The custom CMS and design system facilitated efficient content management, allowing Carbon Health to keep their audience informed and engaged without hassle. 

  • Successful Module Integration: The lead generation and help center modules were particularly effective, providing patients with essential resources and support.  

Carbon Health expressed deep satisfaction with the digital transformation, emphasizing Pixer's role in enhancing their patient's online journey.  

Lessons Learned

The Carbon Health project underscored the importance of understanding industry nuances. In healthcare, trust, and accessibility are paramount, and every design decision must reinforce these values.  


Carbon Health's digital metamorphosis from a traditional healthcare provider to a modern, user-centric platform showcases Pixer's commitment to tailoring solutions based on industry needs and client visions.

Does Carbon Health's transformation inspire you? At Pixer, we craft digital solutions that resonate with your audience. Ready to transform your digital presence? contact us

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