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The idea inspires dedication; dedication gives birth to consistency, and consistency leads to growth.
We at Pixer strongly follow this approach!


Think of ideate as the ingredients collection for a recipe. Is it possible to make anything without the right ingredients? No, right?

So, to make it accurate for our clients, we go for deep requirement gathering at the first step, which leads to the precise results with the least amount of modifications later. In this step, we focus on reducing the pain of our clients by planning the best strategies.

At this step, we figure out the target audience, the scope of work, resources required, and much more in the bucket.


Once we are satisfied with the appropriate information, we move to our next step, which is designing. In designing, we follow the prototype mode, where we firstly start with paper sketches. Then, we explore different possible ways to bestow our clients in a top form. At pixer, we are pretty open to suggestions and learning. Therefore, we listen to every member of the Team and pay attention to everyone's point of view, which helps us widen our vision.

Once we have clarity on paper prototypes, we jump to UI designing.


After the design, there comes our back-end hero, build!

Our expert, back-end developers start covering all the bugs in the building stage and aid our clients even in the strict deadlines. In this step, we give importance to optimization, efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.


Experience! We feel experience analytics is the best way to catch the bugs. So, once we are done with building the beta version, we release our product among a limited user base and observe them for at least two weeks. After these two healthy weeks of keen observation, we configure the loopholes and start filling them one by one.


As per our ethics, transparency is the key to happy corporate relations. Thus, we provide control over the entire product development roadmap to the inventor or the marketing solution provider at this stage.

The process is an idea which when executed perfectly, can make you achieve boulders, and Pixer is here to make that just right for you. Add creativity and innovation to your Website Development, Website Design, Product Development, and Product Design with Pixer and see astonishing results.

We have done more than 250 websites from idea to execution with a user-centered design approach that grows startups to companies. As a product design agency, experience is a primary focus for us.

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