Our Process

Masterpieces are always crafted with undying passion, a dash of craziness and a lot of discipline.


Reduce project risks by collecting maximum information about target audience, scope of work and much more. The more information, the better are your chances of success. At ideat we are proud of least time to date till the project ensuring.


We have our design process consolidated and simplified into an easy repeatable process. You will spend less time on completing your project because we have done the research, wireframing, designing, usability testing, frontend development and UI testing for you.


Workflows with everything from features and stories to epics and bugs. We focus on managing the entire development process instead of a part of it. Effective, efficient, focused work that keeps the team in the loop. This allows the developer to focus on building the product itself instead of project management.


Every test case has been written to uncover bugs and usability issues. This helps us build a stable, smooth, and polished product, so at the end You will get a completely functional product with zero issues.


Smarter release management that keeps the software assets constantly under control. We offer transparency and control over the product development roadmap if you are an inventor, marketing solution provider, or a small business that does not have the resources for product design and deployment.

We have done more than 250 websites from idea to execution with user-centered design approach that grow startups to company. As a product design agency, experience is primary focus for us.

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